I have been biten by a bug, it goes by the name of MAME. It is contagious but not dangerous. I can often be found at on the
message board or the chat room at B.Y.O.A.C. (Build Your Own Arcade Controls) under the screen name "eightbit". Look me
up and say hi if you come by. That site is the definitive resource on the internet for building and interfacing arcade controls to a PC.

My Arcade-
The Willow cab
The Jukebox
The Rally-X cab
The Gorf cab (not in the picture, yet...)
Coming eventually a racing cab conversion or a
scratch built cockpit cab, I haven't decided yet.


The real Bob Roberts- parts


Technical Articles-  
Eschers rotary fix
for mechanical rotary joysticks like the SNK LS-30 or
the Happ 12-position rotary joysticks updated for v.63.
Click the joystick picture for the article-
Classic cabinet restoration or conversion-
My take on restoring arcade cabinets vs conversion
to mame.


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